All students deserve a healthy school lunch

Warwick Public Schools recently approved a policy that will force students to receive only a sunflower butter and jelly sandwich if their lunch accounts are in debt. We already know that for many young people, school lunch can be their most reliable meal. But under Warwick's heartless new policy, hundreds of already struggling students will receive the same insufficient nutrition day after day after day.

Providence Student Union's Student Bill of Rights calls for universal student access to healthy food options. We believes that this policy is heartless and petty, and we need your help to stop it:

Call Warwick Public Schools and tell them that all students deserve a healthy school lunch!

Number to call: (401) 734-3100

Call Script:

Hello, I'm a Rhode Islander calling to express my frustration and disappointment with Warwick Public Schools over your new school lunch policy. Every student deserves a healthy, reliable meal. To take out Warwick Public Schools's budget issues on students is heartless and petty. I urge you to cancel this policy immediately, and allow our young people to get the nutrition they need to learn and to grow.

After the call, please complete the form on the right so we can track how many calls have been completed. We will keep you updated about further action opportunities. Thank you!

Warwick Public Schools Facebook post announcing lunch shaming policy.