Volunteer with PSU

PSU is a youth-led organization, but there are often ways for adult allies to support and advance the work. If you'd like to volunteer with us, please fill in your information below and we'll update you.

Six young Black students sit together smiling in a classroom.

You can also view the PSU Volunteer Board, updated monthly with new ways to support PSU!

Thank you for checking out Providence Student Union's Volunteer Board! We can't build student power and make a high school student union without support from you!

  • Big Projects
    Need serious, dedicated support over time, or a high degree of coordination with the PSU team.

  • Medium Projects
    Won't take too long, or need moderate coordination with the PSU team.

  • Small Projects
    Can be finished quickly and on your own. (Great for sharing with friends!) These tasks are ideal for someone who has some random free time—e.g., "I'm available this weekend! How can I help?"—or can commit on a regular basis, like once-per-month.

We also know all of you have amazing talents you can bring to helping PSU build student power, some of which may not be covered on this Board. Want to help in other ways? Send us a message: volunteer [at] pvdstudentunion.org.

Or: have recommendations for work we could/should take on? Again, send us an email and we'll consider adding it to the Volunteer Board.

Thank you so much for being active, engaged PSU supporters. You are one who will make PSU's long-term vision for student voice possible! ❤️