PSU Newsletter (November 26th - December 7th)

What’s happening in Providence:

  1. Remember to take Providence Student Union’s survey!

    We need your help to learn how students feel about school safety. Please fill out the survey and pick up forms at the PSU office. Thanks!

  2. Come to a PSU chapter meeting:

    “Chapter meetings” are what PSU calls its meetings for different schools. Want to change your school? Look at the calendar and come to a meeting!

  3. We need help filming videos!

    We want to film videos to help spread the word about PSU’s work. Are you a filmmaker or editor? Can you help us? Text PSU at (401) 400-1282.

Do you have info about a youth event that should be on PSU’s calendar? Want to send something out in these texts? Text PSU at (401) 400-1282.

PSU making t-shirts at PRONK

PSU making t-shirts at PRONK